lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009



irreverent god


of cold


and darkness

arms multiplied

in barbaric prayer

to the sky

heads everywhere

aimlessly devouring all paths

while sowing

a future promise

of feasting greens

and peaceful meadows


by land and by air

swift and beautiful

as a luminous, omnipresent

wild stallion

ridding gloriously

over the choked, vanquished,

blood red-stained horizon

in a gallop of roaring might

and exploding embers:

primeval, immemorial,

ritualistic crackling symphony


of uncanny


morbidly unspoken


'Station fire' claims courageous firefighters

Their identities finally made public, firefighters Tedmund Hall and Arnaldo Quiñones became the first victims claimed by the still raging 'Station Fire' at Angeles National Forrest.

With full containment projected by September 15 at the earliest and conditions changing literally on a minute to minute basis, news of the death of these two courageous men has prompted renewed calls for the allocation of more resources and the launching of an investigation into the circumstances of these two deaths. Reinforcements and more fire equipment are arriving constantly around the clock, including manpower and land and air vehicular support from all over the United States and Canada. There have also been offers of assistance from the governments of countries with firefighting experience such as Australia, France and Russia.

Again, our heartfelt condolences and a sincere THANK YOU to the families of these two heroic firefighters that made the ultimate sacrifice in the fulfillment of their responsibilities and THANK YOU as well to all the brave women and men that are risking their lives while battling this horrendous and tenacious fire. God bless!

'Station Fire' continues to rage at Angeles National Forest. Two firefighters die tragically.

The so called 'Station Fire' that started over four days ago continues to rage out of control at the Angeles National Forest at this time, as the tragic news of the death of two Los Angeles Fire Department firefighters casts an even gloomier shadow over current efforts to contain and put out the monstrous, slow-moving fire. Thousands of residents from the areas of La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Northern Glendale and Altadena have already been evacuated or are on notice to evacuate. The identities of the two deceased firefighters have not yet been released. Our deepest sympathy to the families of this two heroic men and Godspeed to all firefighters and personnel working in the affected areas.

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