sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009

The Instructor

He gestures with his hands.

He speaks
with his eyes
with his face
with his body
with the very core
of his being
into a beacon,
a transmitting instrument,
finely tuned to an opus
that cradles,
nurtures and raptures
mind and emotion
through the arduous,
of language
and human experience.

He connects
heart and intellect
in precarious
ethereal architecture
that builds
and soars upwards
upon itself
to conquer
and doubt.

He gives
of himself in a torrent
like waterfalls of knowledge–
and you can divine
and begin to notice
frowns relaxing
and smiles
and faces floating
in a different glowing mist
of complicity
and understanding;
eyes filled with awe,
hope and wonder.

He handles
paper and words
as if a magician
with doves and rabbits.

He is
and future.

He makes you think,
and give of yourself
by pointing
and walking the way.

He is a Moses
for now
that belongs to the ages.

He parts the sea
the flow
of a different exodus.

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Image by FlamingText.com
Mi foto
La Habana, Cuba, Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
Nacido en La Habana, Cuba, el 3 de diciembre de 1960. Emigra a Estados Unidos en 1980, a través del éxodo masivo de Mariel. Ganador de numerosos concursos de poesía, literatura y ensayo en Cuba y Estados Unidos. Publica su primer poemario, "Insomnia" en 1988, con gran acogida por parte de la crítica especializada y el público. Considerado por críticos y expertos como uno de los poetas fundamentales y representativos de la llamada Generación del Mariel junto a Reinaldo Arenas, Jesús J. Barquet, Rafael Bordao, Roberto Valero y otros.