miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

A week of fire

Eerily beautiful

placid day...

Beyond the pleading,

heat-battered mountains

the stubborn

indolent plums

mimic angry, sardonic clouds

in their thickest, stoutest likeness

lending a



dreamlike quality

to the valley straggling below


by the graying whiteness

of hoarsely conquering smoke

sporadically and shyly


by the timid,

meekly jaundiced rays

of a lazy, uninviting sun

barely stirring

the staleness,

the inertia,

the stillness

that surrounds the landscape.

Astride and above the assaulted horizon

a rainbow of ashes

commandeers the sky

rendering neutral

highly diluted,


pensive hues

of reflective,

melancholic colors.

In the distance

the indistinctive roar



and plunders

and at its heels

the will

to succeed

will vanquish

the burning


of the beast.

Jesús Alejandro and his happy parents

New pictures from the family in Caracas

My sister Mayra
My niece Jennifer
My great nephew and newest member of the family Jesús Alejandro
My great niece Johanna
From right to left: A friend of the family, my sister Mayra, my niece Janet and her husband Juan Carlos

These photos are the property of Jennifer Borroto

Mi foto
La Habana, Cuba, Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
Nacido en La Habana, Cuba, el 3 de diciembre de 1960. Emigra a Estados Unidos en 1980, a través del éxodo masivo de Mariel. Ganador de numerosos concursos de poesía, literatura y ensayo en Cuba y Estados Unidos. Publica su primer poemario, "Insomnia" en 1988, con gran acogida por parte de la crítica especializada y el público. Considerado por críticos y expertos como uno de los poetas fundamentales y representativos de la llamada Generación del Mariel junto a Reinaldo Arenas, Jesús J. Barquet, Rafael Bordao, Roberto Valero y otros.