jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

President Obama: Under the microscope

I wonder where all the pundits and zealots that now are pointing fingers and scrutinizing and dissecting every word, thought and action of President Barack Obama were during the past eight years prior to his presidency... Most significantly: I wonder where the press was with all of its journalistic insight, mordacity, resources, star players –anchors, experts, consultants, writers, researchers, producers– and media power while the Bush Administration misled, mismanaged and misrepresented the country...

Guess they were 'playing it safe' for fear of loosing favor with the White House –the term media conglomerate is not fortuitous; the current media is after all one of the sacred and richest cows in corporate America– or of being sent to Guantanamo if they investigated, questioned or looked too closely into what was going on.

Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter –veiled or openly– want the President of the United States to fail. They express all kinds of arguments, reasons and statistics to 'support' their political positions, though they dare not state loudly and clearly the true nature of their common political objective: if Obama fails that will almost certainly guarantee that there will not be another black President in the foreseeable future.

They prefer and defend the white idiot and the obsolete, draconian failed policies that got us all into this mess to the promising, brilliant black intellectual that may get us out of it... To compound it and give it that je ne sais quois so necessary to cheaply made but very popular soap operas, now ex-Vice President Cheney has joined the dissenting choir. He was either too sick or missing in action for most of the eight years of his tenure as VP, but boy, now he is ever present in every political media forum willing to have him and his big venom-spewing talking head. I suppose they have changed the batteries on some of his implanted cardiac medical equipment or perhaps the far right pundits need him so desperately that they upped the frequency of his weekly blood transfusions...

(Notice how no one is asking ex-President Bush to speak or formulate an opinion or an alternate course of action on any of the issues at hand or to attempt to bring some semblance of coherence and decorum to the very fragmented and now trailer-driven Republican Party...)


Give President Obama, his economic, social and political agenda and his very capable team a chance to succeed or to prove us wrong! This country did not get into this economic quagmire in a day and it is not going to get out of it in two.

No matter what uppity-crooked VP Cheney, fumbling Percocet-loving Limbaugh, broomstick-mounting Coulter or wolf-shooting-pitbull-with-lipstick Palin may wish, say or do: I am rooting for Obama and for the chance this great nation has again to rebuild and reinvent itself and to regain the position and esteem it once had in the world.

Bush, Cheney et al. had eight years to do it their way and they blew it miserably and very expensively –in economic, human and political terms-.

And for all those now criticizing President Obama for the subject and approach of his upcoming Back to School speech to the children of America next Tuesday, just a few very graphic and astounding reminders: President Bush, sitting, 9/11, sitting; reading a book about a damn goat to the kids in the classroom; WTC under terrorist attack; sitting, sitting, sitting, sitting; blank stare..., sitting!

In this political game of chess, I am betting on the black king.

... la cabeza baja, los ojos vacíos.


A mi éxodo en 1980

Tengo aún en los oídos

el eco de los insultos.

Abrazo el viento

que me hace



mientras la costa agoniza

en un ocaso de espuma.

Tengo aún en los oídos

el eco de las lágrimas

y la visión dolorosa

del éxodo

se pega a los ojos.

Miro atrás y una estrella


y las flores de mayo

ocultan las corolas mancilladas,

y las aves callan,

y el sol se avergüenza

y se pone

en una explosión

de púrpura escarnecida.

Atrás quedan las máscaras

y los esperpentos de Inclán.

Atrás quedan las consignas

y los cánticos.

Atrás queda la imagen de la frente ancha;

la cabeza baja,

los ojos vacíos.

Tengo aún en mis oídos

el eco de las razones,

y la rebeldía hecha un río

que baña la piel.

Allá quedaron las historias

de españoles y mambises.

Allá quedaron

mis sueños abortados.

Allá se mueren

las esperanzas.

Allá descansan

mis raíces.

Image by FlamingText.com


Image by FlamingText.com
Mi foto
La Habana, Cuba, Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
Nacido en La Habana, Cuba, el 3 de diciembre de 1960. Emigra a Estados Unidos en 1980, a través del éxodo masivo de Mariel. Ganador de numerosos concursos de poesía, literatura y ensayo en Cuba y Estados Unidos. Publica su primer poemario, "Insomnia" en 1988, con gran acogida por parte de la crítica especializada y el público. Considerado por críticos y expertos como uno de los poetas fundamentales y representativos de la llamada Generación del Mariel junto a Reinaldo Arenas, Jesús J. Barquet, Rafael Bordao, Roberto Valero y otros.