miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Ignorance, ridiculousness and vulgarity have no boundaries

Especially when it comes to the absurd accusations and demands of the lunatic members of Vigilia Mambisa, a very small but media savvy and vociferous ultra-right-wing group of Cuban exiles in Miami that paradoxically use Castro-style smear, disinformation and intimidation techniques to advance their 'cause' while casting an unfairly shameful and poor image on the vastly hard-working and open minded Cuban community living in the United States.

Maybe they are in reality the pro-Castro infiltrados they so vehemently claim to see everywhere over so many years of wasteful, useless and nonsensical pseudo-political activity.

Thankfully, none of these clowns will ever have any real relevance in Miami or in the political and social structure of a future free Cuba. In the meantime and to my chagrin, continue to watch the freak show from Miami...

I just feel very sorry for Juanes and his expecting wife Karen. I hope he knows that most decent, politically moderate Cubans are rooting for him and for the successful realization of his concert in Havana, even if publicly they do not dare to say so.

The people in Cuba deserve a musical and political break and Juanes deserves a big THANK YOU for having the willingness and the cojones to do what needs to be done in spite of Cuban government pressure and of the loonies of Vigilia Mambisa and other hate-mongering 'organizations' of the same style .

Perhaps music, the good will and solidarity of the human spirit will transcend ideological, political and cultural barriers and indeed bring about change; setting the pylons to extend the bridges that diplomacy, isolation, hate and resentment have failed to build all these years...

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