viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Oceanic Blue Planet

Earth is perhaps the most conspicuous misnomer given to our planet. Seventy one percent of the planet's surface is occupied by a saltwater global ocean subdivided into five major oceanic bodies of water: the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indic, the Arctic and the Southern oceans.

The global ocean with all its geographical subdivisions possesses the vastest amount of biodiversity, riches and natural resources anywhere on Earth. It is also (saved our poisoned atmosphere) the most polluted environment of the planet, facing increasing threats and challenges from the constant dumping of industrial chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, unprocessed human waste and garbage, oil and chemical spills, overfishing, the urban-driven overdevelopment and destruction of coastal areas and marine environments and the overall pollution of other Earth biosystems directly interconnected with the global ocean (the atmosphere, other bodies of non-oceanic water -rivers, lakes, aquifers-; forests, human urban and rural settlements).

We are killing the Ocean without even knowing most of its assuredly beneficial and awe-inspiring mysteries and secrets. This is the one frontier we may never get to explore or fully conquer just because we destroyed it before we had a chance to do anything else with it!

Read and learn about the ocean and its many wonders and treasures. Better yet, get in touch with the ocean, immerse yourself in it, let it touch you, soothe you, caress you, cleanse you. Let it tell you its ancient and life-giving story. If the evolution theory has it correctly, we all (all living systems on Earth) came from the primordial ocean, so we owe the ocean the consideration and respect it deserves as our primeval forebearer.

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