martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

Poetic dissection of the rain


and heaviness

engulf the night


the anomalous coordinates

of people hurrying along

—aimlessly walking—

and a single


solitary dog


with acrobatic heroism


as deep as an ocean

as the rain

gravidly persists

in branding

with its blinding


the bleak


boringly menacing

Tuesday landscape.

The car engines



thick streams

of mechanically

ascending vapor

like amateur geysers

or spastic colons

competing erratically

with the hollowing

pitifully lighted


sky above.



and unhappily

wet faces

lend the vision

a surreal quality

of slow


adulterated motion

ready to assault

the unsuspecting pupil

to leave within

its viscous ejaculation

of alternate,

almost gothic


seminal reality.

2 comentarios:

María BlancaNieves dijo...

A mix of surrealism and reality, sensuality and strength your description of an event which I try to soak up the soul ...

I like your blog, peace abounds here.

A big hug and a pleasure to meet you.

Pedro F. Báez dijo...

Thank you, I appreciate your comment and the fact that you like the way I write. It just felt like the poem describes yesterday evening, coming home from work. Thank you again for coming to see my Island. You are welcome anytime. Hugs.

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