miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Dr. John

To my dear friend and back savior, John Ciambotti... May you rest in peace.

(With audio in the voice of the author)

Barely ten days


we were chatting


exchanging jokes

sharing laugher...

I always admired

that beautifully


Italo-angelic face of yours

even the thick

unruly brows

and the white as snow

impishly patriarchal


Your smile

was the best part


it placed you

in a different

more pliable dimension

where your good heart

and your humanity

shone selflessly

side by side.

I would like

my memories of you

to take up residence

in that most gentile

dimension of your being.

Knowing you

is knowing

you will still be around

in essence and in deed

in spite of fire


and sorrow

for you remain

with no effort

in every note you


in every bone

you adjusted

in every soul

you touched...

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2 comentarios:

islandgirl4ever2 dijo...

A beautiful hommage to your friend. May he rest in peace. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you find comfort in all of the memories and good times your shared....
My sincerest sympathies...

Pedro F. Báez dijo...

Thank you, Leesa. Great loss not only for me at a personal level, but for the entire community he so much loved and served. He was an exceptional human being, a great Chiropractor and an inspired musician with several CDs and I believe a couple of films to his credit. He will be sorely missed, no doubt. May he rest in peace.

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