martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

You bet your sweet ass it's a big deal!

President Barack Obama signs the Healthcare Bill, the historical legislation that aims to provide healthcare coverage for every single American who needs it. It's not perfect and it has flaws and kinks but for the first time in the History of this country, millions of uninsured and disenfranchised people will not have to choose between a plate of food and seeing a doctor or die for lack of financial resources or access to the American healthcare system.

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islandgirl4ever2 dijo...

It's a big step forward! I hope now this has been accomplished.. he can get down to business and try to clean up some of the HUGE mess that the guy before him left! It's a job I wouldn't want to do.. but all the power to him for taking it on... KNOWING that it would be a hard thing to do!! GOOOOO OBAMA!!

Pedro F. Báez dijo...

It's got to be better than having no coverage at all, especially for the approximately 15% of the population with little or no access to medical care. About the previous "guy", don't even remind me of him. I think I aged because of that man and his imbecility! Hugs.

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