miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Another one bites de dust...

California Republican Assemblyman Mike Duvall has resigned over sexual comments he inadvertently made back in July into an open microphone on the California Assembly floor while he was still being recorded. The remarks openly alluded to his affairs with two younger women, one of whom is a prominent Sacramento lobbyist with direct political ties to the disgraced assemblyman, according to reliable reports.

He bragged about the affairs and described some intimate details of his encounters with one of the women, speaking insultingly, patronizingly and crassly when referring to both ladies. Mr. Duvall is a married man who has vehemently and vigorously opposed same-sex marriages and other gay issues on grounds of morality, propriety and family values.

I assume Mrs. Duvall doesn't have to fear the 'deviant gay agenda' destroying the sanctity of her marriage anymore. The deceitful, immoral enemy was sleeping at arm's length in her own bed all these years.

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