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How you can help Haiti from the U.S. in the aftermath of the 7.3 quake

Taken from KNX-1070 Newsradio, Los Angeles

The devastation in Haiti has touched people throughout Southen California. If you would like to contribute to the relief effort, KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO suggests any of the fine agencies below, including the Red Cross.

- You can text a donation of 10 dollars to the Red Cross by texting HAITI to 90999

- You can call the Red Cross donation hotline 1.800.REDCROSS

- You can also donate to this organization by calling 1-800-578-8225, EXT. 2197

Here is a list of charitable organizations offering aid to Haiti (we will add to the list as we hear of new relief efforts):




Yele Haiti - Wyclef Jean's grassroots organization: Text Yele to 501 501 to donate $5 via your cellphone

The U.S. State Department Operations Center said Americans seeking information about family members in Haiti should call 1-888-407-4747. Due to heavy volume, some callers may receive a recording. "Our embassy is still in the early stages of contacting American citizens through our Warden Network," the U.S. State Department said in a statement. "Communications are very difficult within Haiti at this time."

For more information, go to the Department of State blog.

CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

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islandgirl4ever2 dijo...

Hi Pedro...

Thanks so much for posting all of the useful information about helping. It's beyond imagination what the people of Haiti are suffering now, as it was a country that was suffering long before this horrid disaster. If you don't mind (which I am sure you won't), can I link to this post on my blog to help get the word out to everyone?! I know if we all work together we can help. My heart weeps and breaks for these people. It is too much death, destruction and misery to see around you.... My heart goes out in thoughts and prayers to everyone there.. Thanks so much for your post in both English and French...

Pedro F. Báez dijo...

Leesa: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting links to the entries on Pedro's Island so that people may contribute and donate to the plight of the Haitian people in this hour of need. I have had A LOT of traffic from you blog which speaks volumes of how much people love you and follow your blog and all I can hope for is that contributions were made and that we will continue to work in whatever capacity we are able to help the people of this must unfortunate and beautiful island nation. THANK YOU to ALL the readers and followers that so diligently came to my blog in search of a way to help and show their humanity and their kindness. I appreciate it very much and Leesa, I love you, babe!!! God bless!


Hi Pedro,
I wanted to thank you for putting up links on ways to help Haiti. It jsut went up on my page as well as Facebook and email.
I'm good friends with Leesa. It is beyond sad to see the images as the days go on.
I hope our helping hands and hopeful hearts will be able to help make a difference. Sending love from Paris, Brigitte

Leesa dijo...

Hey Brigitte ...

Thanks so much for writing a post and linking to Pedro's site.. I think it's so important to get the word out... It's like this that we are all working together as one to help! It's how things get done!

Pedro F. Báez dijo...

Thank you both Leesa and Brigitte for getting the word out and linking from your blogs and Facebook into my page for people to continue to find a way to help with this relief effort. Every little bit helps and no effort will be too small. You guys are great people and I am very heartened by all the different things people are doing to contribute to the humanitarian assistance to Haiti and by knowing, collaborating and being in the same company of such fine individuals. Hugs and kisses.

Brigitte Beling dijo...


islandgirl4ever2 dijo...

De nada! I'm glad that we can help.. I contacted Doctors Without Borders and made some donations there... I wish everyone would give just a little and a little would go a lllloooonnnnngggg way!!!
I really hope something can be done get to the people who are suffering... and that the won't have to wait to receive medical care and food...
My prayers are with them all......

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