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Pedro's Island starts 'Don't Forget Haiti' poster campaign for blogs and websites

In an effort to keep the Haitian earthquake crisis in the eyes and minds of people around the world, Pedro's Island has created the poster 'Don't Forget Haiti' that will be available for all those wishing to post it on their blogs and webpages as a sign of respect, solidarity and human kinship with the suffering people of Haiti.

Haiti will need everyone's help for a very long time, even when the spotlights of the news crews will turn off and media interest turns to the next 'hot' breaking news. It is essential that we do not forget the dire situation in Haiti any time soon. Please, take the poster here and show it proudly in your site for others to see and to remember. It will be your very personal contribution to the cause of a people for too long forgotten by the big interests of the world and by world public opinion. Here is the version of the poster I have chosen for my own blog. There are several other versions I created with Picnik.com and that are available on Photobucket.com.

The photo was taken by Jorge Cruz of AP. I just added the lettering and the drop shadow frame using Picnik.com.

Here is the html code if you choose to post it that way. Don't forget to add "<" at the beginning and ">" a the end of the entire code. Should you decide to use the jpg image shown here, please feel free to capture it anyway your computer system allows you to do so.

img src="http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac167/PedrosIsland/HaitiPosterbyPedrosIsland-WhiteLett.jpg"

Thank you for your cooperation with this endeavor for the people of Haiti.

Pedro F. Báez

Pedro's Island

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Image by FlamingText.com


Image by FlamingText.com
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